"As a dermatologist, I have always told my patients that there is NO such thing as a safe tan.  Since I have found out about the TANS Spray Tan process, I can now tell patients that they can get a natural glow and not worry about any long term health risks."

Madhavi Kandula, M.D.
& Cosmetic Dermatology
St. Louis, MO
Phone: 314-692-0221

"If you gotta get the
quick tan, get the spray tan. It works and it doesn’t cause cancer”

Dr Cosgrove,
Wellmax Center, CA,


"UV light causes tremendous damage to the skin, not only in terms of aging but in being main risk factor  for all three types of skin cancer.  For those who think they look or feel better with tan skin,the spray tan is very safe, though temporary."

Constance Nagi,
Chief of the Dermatology
Division at the University of California- San Diego School
of Medicine


“The current labeling
on tanning equipment inadequately explains
the serious risks ssociated
with indoor tanning.”

Diane R. Baker, MD, FAAD,
President of the American
Academy of Dermatology


"It used to be unusual
to see teenagers or women in their 20 or 30s with skin cancer. It's not that unusual anymore."

Deborah Sarnoff,
Dermatologist and
Vice President of the non-profit
Skin Cancer Foundation


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TANS Sunless - Rich Chocolate Tanning Mousse

With Microfiber Tanning Applicator


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VOTED #1 in Sunless Tanning!  
with Microfiber Applicator

This TANS product is simply amazing because of it's multiple uses.

  • 1. It's a gorgeous chocolate brown body bronzer used right before heading out for the day/night to have that sexy tanned glow!
  • 2. It's an amazing self tanner that showering after 8 hours will leave you with that just off the beach bronzed skin!
  • 3. AND It's the best TAN EXTENDER to your custom spray tan that you will find on the market, extending the life of your spray tan up to a full 2 weeks!



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